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About Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio can be described as the 7 kilometer (5 mile) stretch of rainforested hills that begins with Quepos in the north, and ends with the national park and public beach in the south. While there is a small commercial district with some lower and mid-range hotels and restaurants down by the public beach, most of the nice hotels, homes and restaurants are 'up on the hill'.

In real estate terms, because of its geographical boundaries Manuel Antonio is a great long-term investment. It is much like an island: to the north is Quepos, to the east is a flood plain, to the south is the national park, and to the west is the Pacific Ocean. Because of these boundaries there is a limited amount of land that can be sold or developed, and as this happens, due to the law of supply and demand, the value will increase.

Furthermore, with the relatively new Pez Vela Marina and upcoming expansion of the Quepos domestic airport, the area has taken its place on the map as a world-class luxury destination. Nowhere in Costa Rica, or even on earth, does such a complement of elements come together to create a perfect, tropical paradise investment market.


Manuel Antonio Area:

The mountains, plains and coast surrounding Manuel Antonio are a wonderland for exploration. Within half an hour you can be in the foothills, surrounded by virgin rainforest, crystalline rivers, waterfalls, and howler monkeys. Within an hour you have more than two dozen different beaches, dozens of waterfalls, rivers, national parks & reserves, and even several distinct habitats.

In a single day you can listen to jilgueros in the cloud forest, watch quetzals in the upper montane rainforest, visit tiger herons in a coastal mangrove swamp, and still have time for tea with toucans in the treetops at 3:00pm. You can have gallo pinto for breakfast at the market, fresh mahi mahi for lunch (which you caught that morning while fishing), and coconut crusted shrimp at the Gaia for dinner.

Of course, if you enjoy a day of golf and a steak sandwich at the yacht club, Los Suenos is only an hour and a half away, too!



In 2011 Forbes Magazine lauded Manuel Antonio as one of the 'World's Most Beautiful National Parks'.

With only 4014 acres, Manuel Antonio national park is Costa Rica's smallest national park—and also its most potent. Where else can you find so many wild animals in such a concentrated space? (Including both the furry kind AND the sunburned kind…) If you don't find monkeys at Manuel Antonio national park, then you need to have your eyes and ears checked.

Perhaps the most iconic image in Costa Rica is the famous Cathedral Point—a 100-meter-tall 'island' right off shore, connected by a sand-bar-become-land-bridge called by geology nerds as a 'tombolo'. (Break that one out when you're showing off your vacation photos back home!)

The new park entrance (as of 2008) is a 3-minute walk from the main beach. There's a 10-minute walk down a wide path through the rainforest before you get to central area with bathrooms & showers, so be sure to come prepared with water, sunscreen, shoes and insect repellent (if you happen to be of the sweet-blooded variety).

The first beach you come on is Playa Manuel Antonio, the most popular beach in the park. Cross the tombolo, and you'll be at Playa Espadilla Sur—more waves, less people. Two beautiful hikes take you up around the circumference of Cathedral Point (25 min), or to a lookout above Puerto Escondido (45 min). For the nimble, a steep path leads down to Playa Escondida (Hidden Beach), which is only accessible at low tide.

Multi-lingual, certified guides can also make for an educational, and wildlife-filled visit. They know where to spot the animals. (Or they have little tracking devices on all of them, I'm not sure…) Either way—if you'd like to learn about the rainforest flora and fauna, or if you'd prefer just to romp around by yourself--you won't get lost. (Hey, it's ONLY 4014 acres!)



Quepos is named after the indigenous tribe that inhabited the area when the Spanish first arrived—the Quepoa.

There may still even be one or two of them around. More recently, however, it owes its existence to the United Fruit Company, which created Quepos as a port to ship billions of bananas up to the hungry gringos. Being the sensitive company that they were, when they realized there wasn't enough land along the swampy coast for all of their operations, they simply chopped the neighboring hill in half and filled in the mangrove swamp with the rubble. Voila--instant land!

Today, Quepos is in effect the commercial gateway to Manuel Antonio. With a population of only 14,000, it's a small town and easy to get around. 'Downtown' is a 4x4 grid, at the center of which is the bus station, the central market, and the best supermarket in the area.

Quepos is also a sport-fishing Mecca, and home to the new Pez Vela marina. Though STILL under construction, when finished it will be the largest full-service marina in Costa Rica (and all of central America, depending on whether you talk to them or the competition). Either way, it is the ideal port for ocean sports like fishing, sailing, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

Hint: Parents—check out the city park 'Parque Nahomi' just south of the marina! A great way to tire the kids out AND get a view!


The new Pez Vela Marina is located just outside of Quepos, and is a step out of Costa Rica. It is as fancy and modern as Quepos is dirty and old. It's the takeoff point for most of the ocean tours and activities in the area--from sport fishing, to catamaran tours, to boat rentals. Aside from its gorgeous setting and beautiful architecture, it's also a mini mall, with numerous shops, restaurants and boutiques.

The marina frequently hosts events such as the World Billfish Cup, live music events, and holiday parties. During the dry season, every Friday evening they offer a family-friendly movie on their 20-foot x 30-foot inflatable screen. There is even a free shuttle service which will take your to and from your vacation rental (2777-2931). Ask your concierge for details.

Marina Pez Vela Restaurants:

  • Z Seafood & Grill: Price: $$$, Cuisine: Seafood & Fusion
  • Gabriella's: Price: $$$, Cuisine: Seafood, Steak & Pasta
  • Mercato del Porto: Price: $$, Cuisine: Italian
  • The Runaway Grill: Price: $$, Cuisine: Fusion & Bar
  • Sunrice: Price: $, Cuisine: Asian
  • Falafel Bar: Price: $, Cuisine: Lebanese & Mediterranean
  • Amorosi: Price: $$, Cuisine: Gelato (ie good, Italian ice cream!)